The Best Tutors Do More Than Help with Homework

Abby Freireich
2 min readJun 24, 2021

Every parent wants their child to do well in school and enjoy learning. But for some kids, not every class goes smoothly. So if you’re considering hiring a tutor, make sure you find someone qualified to do more than help with homework assignments. Experienced teachers who tutor are often the best bet because they can help in many more ways. For example, if your child or teen is having difficulty with literature or composition, you may be searching for an English tutor near me. Teachers with a Master’s degree and at least five years of classroom experience are in the best position to help.

An excellent tutor is one who gets to know the student and untangles the reasons for poor grades — it may be something more complicated than difficulty understanding a subject like English. As students progress through school and assignments become more demanding, they can understand the material based on earlier learning. If there were gaps in the curriculum they studied, it might explain the difficulties at a higher grade level. But it may also have to do with study habits, organizational skills, or the ability to prioritize. Success in school relies on many factors, all working together consistently.

English classes focusing on composition (writing) skills and an understanding of literature (reading) can present challenges for some students. A tutor with highly developed teaching skills can intervene and improve the experience and abilities in these areas or alert parents and teachers that other issues may be causing the poor performance. It’s when tutoring takes on much more importance than merely helping with homework in a challenging subject. Working with students to improve study habits and organizational skills can benefit all classes, not just the subject of tutoring sessions.

The most powerful motivation for a student to excel in a subject is a natural love of it. Some people have it innately, but for those who don’t, some can be inspired to take more of an interest with enrichment activities. An experienced teacher as a tutor has the knowledge and understanding to approach a subject from multiple angles to help find ones more connected to a student’s natural interests. Making those connections can turn around poor performance to success simply by extending the subject matter to additional areas. Tutoring can be enormously helpful when it is handled well.