Reading Tutors Help Kids Do More Than Read

Abby Freireich
2 min readJun 28, 2021

Of all of the subjects we learn in elementary school, reading is likely the most important because it is the gateway to knowledge in all other subjects. Many of us learn to read with little difficulty and can’t recall what it was like to experience the world unable to read. If you’re the parent of a child who is having difficulty learning to read, you’ve likely searched for a reading tutor near me as you try to help. Learning to read is a self-esteem issue and an educational achievement, and children who can’t read feel embarrassed. It’s why tutoring is crucial for kids who can’t read, so they have extra support to learn.

Elementary school teachers trained to teach children to read employ many strategies and techniques to help each student in the class. For nearly everyone, they succeed, but there can be some students who, for various reasons, need more extra teaching support. For them, a reading tutor can provide additional help and, more importantly, get to the bottom of why there is difficulty reading. For example, it may be a perceptual disability that is the underlying cause more than a lack of effort or attention in class. The good news is most of those difficulties can be overcome with tutoring and practice.

Progress in many school subjects depends on the ability to read, and kids with reading difficulties may be delayed in those until they learn to read well. It creates a particular urgency around learning to read and explains why reading tutoring is more in-demand for elementary school-age children. For kids who can’t pick up reading easily, working with an experienced teacher with a Master’s degree can mean a lot. Individualizing a learning plan to each student’s needs can make tutoring sessions much more effective. Experienced teachers with that knowledge and those skills can help more quickly.

In just about every case with learning, starting early is beneficial. If your child’s report cards show a lack of progress learning to read in early grades, it can be wise to employ a tutor sooner than later. With some young children, the readiness that comes with maturity and development is essential to learning, reading included. If your child’s teacher sees a lack of progress as a readiness issue that will improve with age, you may be able to wait. But in most other cases, adding tutoring early on can help overcome difficulties in reading. Kids who can read are happier and have higher self-esteem often.